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About Me

By researching, visiting and making connections in other countries, I am now incredibly excited to be able to start offering a complete global property service to my clients. You’ll be hearing more about my adventures in the months to come, of the benefits of investing in key locations around the world, and I look forward to being able to assist my clients in multiple locations, helping them find their dream property wherever they want to live in the world.


I can guide you through the international buying process.


Honesty is an important part of my profession, that, combined with my 5 star marketing, have earned me a great reputation.

Happy Clients

I get rave reviews from Happy Clients and Collaborators. Check out my testimonials.


I believe in great listing presentation, that includes professional photography and putting some thought into the actual text and information provided.


Everyone knows that the listing agent's duty is to get property sold. I use all my marketing resources, which include my membership to prestigious real estate networks.


As a Real Estate Consultant, I provide research, analysis and advice clients on the safest and most profitable way to invest overseas.

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  • “Jocelyn became more of a friend than a realtor. She was down to earth, well-spoken and educated and was very knowledgeable about the local real estate buying process, the neighborhoods, etc. and put me in

    Encarni Copado Client Punta Cana Real Estate
    Encarni Copado
  • “As a Canadian Investor from British Columbia, I can say that the services provided by Punta Cana Real Estate Lifestyle and Homes exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the candid advice and professional honesty and the

    Annette Calder buyer in Punta Cana
    Annette Calder
  • “We have been visiting the Dominican Republic for 5 years now. We wanted to try and live in the DR the winter of 2011. We tried to contact a number of local realtors and Jocelyn

    William Brumbellow buyers in Punta Cana
    William & Lisa Brumbellow
  • “Our experience with them was exceptional. Quite simply the whole team were a pleasure to deal with going “far beyond the call off duty” In our case they secured the sale of our villa overcoming

    Helen Whightman & John Wooding in Punta Cana
    Helen Whightman & John Wooding
  • Buying Experience: “When I started to be interested in purchasing a rental property in Punta Cana I corresponded with four real estate companies and after five or six weeks I concluded that Gary Boyd who  works

    Phil and Steph Webber
    Phil & Stephanie Webber